Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Library Events for December 2014

Exciting news here at the Hancock Town Library: we have a brand spanking new, online catalog that you can now check from the comfort of your own home. You can browse the catalog, see what’s new, what’s popular, renew and reserve books, make suggestions for purchase, and bookmark books to a list of your own. We also have new library patron cards with 14-digit numbers for you so please be sure to come into the library to pick yours up. To access our new online catalog go to https://hancock.biblionix.com. Log in with your current library card number followed by an exclamation point, ie 12345! Your password is whatever phone number you gave us when you signed up for a card (no dash needed). Once you’re logged in, click on My Account and it should welcome you and tell you how much money you’ve saved by using your public library instead of buying items!! Always a good thing.

For those of you who use OverDrive and our downloadable e-books and audiobooks, keep using it the same way you always have. But know that in the near future we will be changing the way you log into OverDrive so keep checking the library’s blog http://hancocktownlibrary.blogspot.com/or give us a call at 525-4411.

In other news, I am very sad to say that Rennie Timm is leaving the library for a full-time position in the Keene school system. She has been a wonderful children’s librarian and we will miss her good humor and creative programming. Good luck Rennie! Thanks for all you have done to make the Children’s Room a welcoming and educational place to gather.

Wednesday December 3rd at 4:00 pm (Tea time!)
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Frauds and Scams But Were Afraid to Ask

Every day, millions of Americans lose their hard-earned money to identity theft, investment fraud and other types of scams.  Last year alone, 12.6 million were victims of identity theft.  That’s one person every 3 seconds! And that is why the AARP New Hampshire fraud fighters and the Hancock Town Library are hosting a free presentation open to the public, to educate people about the three Rs of fraud: recognize, resist and report. The program will be presented by AARP trained “Fraud Fighter” Marc Boyd.  He will present and discuss an overview of local and national fraud trends, the Con Artist Playbook, how to prevent fraud, and talk about available resources.  This should prove to be a lively and informative evening.  Free and open to all.

Thursday December 4th at 7:00 pm
Five Bullets with Larry Duberstein

Author Larry Duberstein will read from his latest book, Five Bullets, which even Kirkus Reviews loved.  Every Jew who lived through the Holocaust had a story worth telling, but not every Jew has been inclined to tell that story. Such was the case with Karel Bondy, a rising young structural engineer in Prague when the Nazis invaded his nation and began preparing the fortress town of Terezin to “receive” his people. Married and the father of three when he was taken there (and from there to Auschwitz), he was alone when luck allowed him to fight back, first with the partisans and later the Russian army. And he was alone when after the war he came to America to begin a new life as Carl Barry. What these experiences did to a strong yet sensitive man caught in the grip of the 20th century’s greatest tragedy is at the heart of this extraordinary novel. And because Bondy/Barry was not eager to share those experiences, we must rely on his inquisitive American nephew Lewis to ferret out the details for us–and upon author Larry Duberstein to weave their tales together, in all the horror and sadness and, more unexpectedly, the beauty and humor. Karel Bondy is an unforgettable character whose story will by turns shock, intrigue, and amuse you. “Duberstein creates a powerful story of humanity and inhumanity in this tale of war, survival and healing.”—Kirkus Reviews  A native of Brooklyn, Larry Duberstein now lives and works in Hancock, New Hampshire. Free and open to all.

Thursday December 11th at 7:00 pm
Claremont Boy with Joe Steinfield

In Claremont Boy, Joe Steinfield shares humorous, insightful, and often poignant recollections spanning more than half a century, recalling his New Hampshire childhood as well as his personal and professional adventures over the years. In this collection of short pieces, readers will meet immigrant grandparents and other relatives, influential public school teachers, personalities as diverse as Julia Child, a Hebrew-speaking Muslim from the Northern Caucasus Republic of Adygeya, Ozzy Osbourne, and a P.L.O. leader from Jericho in the West Bank. Originally written over several years for the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript of Peterborough, New Hampshire, these essays are united by the author’s sense of irony and the unexpected. Joseph Steinfield was born and raised in Claremont, New Hampshire, where he graduated from Stevens High School in 1957.  He is a graduate of Brown University and Harvard Law School.  He was formerly a partner at Hill & Barlow in Boston and is currently a member of the Boston firm of Prince Lobel Tye LLP, where he specializes in litigation and media law. He and his wife, Virginia Eskin, live in Boston and in Jaffrey, New Hampshire.

Saturday December 13th at 10:00 - Noon
Holiday Wreath Making

Please join Megan Dodge for a morning of merry Holiday Wreath Making.  Greens, wreath forms and embellishments will be supplied.  Please feel free to bring along a favorite ribbon or ornament to personalize your wreath.  PLEASE REGISTER AT THE LIBRARY BEFORE DECEMBER 11th so we know how many materials Megan needs! Megan has 13 years of experience as a floral designer.  She operates her business, "Flowersdamore" out of her home in Hancock.  Her recent designs can be viewed at www.facebook.com/flowersdamore.  Free and open to all, families welcome.

From the Children’s Room
Rennie Timm, Children’s Librarian

Thursdays in December at 10:30am
Laptop Storytime

Walking and talking, the babies to toddler story time is an interactive program for all pre-school children and their parents or care providers. We’ll share books, rhymes, songs, finger play & movement. Our goal is to foster an early love of books and literacy. At the end of the program, there will be playtime for parents and caregivers to share books, puzzles, or other literacy activities with their toddler. Dress comfortably as we will be sitting on the floor in the Children’s Room. No registration required, feel free to drop in anytime.

Wednesday, December 3 at 3:15 – 4:15pm
Block Party: LEGO® Fun

Let your imagination run wild, a hands-on learning opportunity to explore how things work. LEGO® bricks are provided by the library. This program is on the first Wednesday of every month. All ages welcome.

Tuesday, December 9 at 2:45-4:15pm
Wreaths, Greens, and Berries

Join Megan Dodge to make and take crafts for the Holiday Season. All ages are welcome. Parents are encouraged to join in the fun. PLEASE SIGN UP AT THE LIBRARY TO ENSURE ENOUGH SUPPLIES FOR ALL TO ENJOY.

A Special Note:

To all the families and children who have made my tenure as Hancock Children’s Librarian a joy and blessing, thank you for the opportunity to have served you. To Amy, the Friends, the Trustees, thank you for all your support and the opportunities to grow and expand my horizons as a children’s librarian and a community member. I will miss you all!

Rennie Timm

Library Minutes 11.19.14

November 19, 2014

Present: Laurie Bryan, Mary Garland Amy Markus, Suzanne Shevenell, Eric Spitzbarth – Selectman
Meeting called to order at 1:00 pm.
The minutes of October 22, 2104 were reviewed; Bryan, seconded by Shevenell, made a motion to accept as written.  Motion to accept was unanimous. The minutes of October 27, 2014 were reviewed; Shevenell, seconded by Garland, made a motion to accept, as written.  Votes to accept motion and minutes were unanimous.
The Treasurer’s report for the month ending October 31st was not available due to the change in the preset meeting date.  This report will be reviewed at the December scheduled meeting.

Director’s Report: Markus reported the successful conversion of the Library’s catalog to the Apollo ILS System.  Using the Library’s laptop, she provided the Trustees with an example of how a patron would access the system from home, and the options available to him/her to revise their contact information, to review the Library’s catalog, including recent additions, reserve materials, as well as renew current checked out items.  All present were impressed with both the ease and variety of options that this new system provides. New patron cards for this system are available at the Library’s front desk, and staff has begun to disperse cards to patrons. Markus is very happy with the technical support offer by Apollo. The Trustees thanked Markus for her efforts in this successful conversion.
Markus informed the Trustees of her receipt of Rennie Timm’s resignation as Children’s Librarian effective November 26, 2014.  Timm has accepted a full time position the Keene School System as a Children’s Librarian. Markus will place ads for this position in both local papers and in on-line state library sites. Teresa Earle is available to cover the position hours. The Trustees reviewed the updated Children’s Librarian position description, commented on its detail, and upon a motion by Garland, seconded by Shevenell, the Trustees voted unanimously to accept the updated position description. Chairman Bryan will represent the Trustees in interviewing applicants with Director Markus. The Trustees and Director Markus expressed their deep regret with Ms.Timm’s resignation, commending her on her thoughtful and excellent service.

Daniels Room Policy:  The Trustees reviewed the draft of this policy, which includes proposed changes in room usage regulation, as well as room use agreement.  Minor language and format changes were made in the policy. The corrected room use agreement was reviewed.  Bryan made a motion to accept both the corrected policy and the room use agreement as written, which was seconded by Garland. Vote on this policy and usage form was unanimous.  Bryan and Shevenell will update the Trustees’ Policy Books with these documents.

Bryan made a motion, which was seconded by Shevenell to accept the proposed 2015 operating budget as presented.  The Trustees voted unanimously to accept as presented and asked Director Markus to contact both the Select Board and Budget Advisory Committee of the budget preparation. Chairman Bryan made note to Select Board Liaison Spitzbarth of the inclusion in the monies received from the Friends of the Hancock Library in the Gifts Designated category, and the offsetting expenses that these monies in the past have funded. The Trustees wish to have the complete costs associated with the Library reflected in the annual budget.

Other Business: Possible preparation of Emergency Succession Plan and policy in 2015.

Bryan made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Shevenell; vote was unanimous, and meeting was adjourned at 1:45PM.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday November 20th at 7:30 PM ~ OFF THE CUFF

A semi-acoustic instrumental and vocal quartet, interpreting great songs from the ‘20s to the 21st Century. Off The Cuff is Harry Lowenthal – Flute, guitar, mondolin,djembe, bongos, percussion,vocals;
Pamela Smith – Guitar, percussion, vocals; Jonas Taub – Guitars, Dobro, vocals; Dan Wheeler – Electric and Upright Bass. Off The Cuff has been delighting audiences across southern New Hampshire and surrounding areas for over a decade. Incorporating elements of jazz, swing, blues, bluegrass, rock, folk and world music styles, Off The Cuff infuses its own special blend of vocal and instrumental harmony into every song to reinvent it as something new and personal. Whether an original tune or an old standard, a pop tune or a nugget by some little known songwriter, the music touches a familiar chord in everyone,whether they grew up dancing to the big bands or to rock bands. It is music that each generation has managed to share; a part of the American musical soul. The music is upbeat, energetic and fun, and The Cuffers have a great time playing and interacting with the audience. Free and open to all.Top of Form
Bottom of Form
Top of Form
Bottom of Form

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Is Competition the Law of Nature with Mary Catherine Bateson

Charles Darwin stood the biology of his time on its head with his theory of evolution by natural selection, and his ideas about competition still lend authority to economics.  Herbert Spencer, a popular precursor of sociology who was Darwin's contemporary, has been regarded as the founder of "social Darwinism" but actually Darwin borrowed from him the concept of the "survival of the fittest," coined by Spencer on the basis of his observations of the ferocious early years of industrialization.  Biologists today are recognizing more and more examples of cooperation as key to evolution -- when will the economists (and the politicians) catch on? Mary Catherine Bateson is one of Hancock's resident authors after a career teaching anthropology and linguistics at George Mason, Amherst, Northeastern and Harvard as well as abroad in Iran and the Philippines.  Free and open to all.